Life in the North, Book 1

Unravel the secrets of the System

Find out what the System is.

Rewards: Knowledge is power. Or something.

John obtains this quest by demanding answers from Ali about what the System is.

The System Quest Update – The journey to understanding the origins of the System and Mana has many beginnings, but all roads lead to the understanding of Mana. You have taken your first step in understanding the System.

Requirement: Learn Mana Manipulation

Reward: 500 xp

Quest Update—the System – You’ve taken another step in understanding the secrets of the System by expanding on your ability to sense Mana. Reward: +500 XP. (Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2)

Quest Update—the System – The creation of Dungeons and Mana are important for the Quest, but why? You have found some answers, but more questions. Reward: +200 XP. (Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2)

Quest Completed: The Safety of Many

Reward: 2,000 Credits per Each Survivor (22,000 Credits Received); 500XP per Survivor (5,500XP Received). Type: Repeatable

Quest Received – Help Carcross

Help Carcross make their first successful visit to the Shop in Whitehorse. You will need to get Elder Andrea Badger to Whitehorse and back. Reward: 2,000 XP

Quest Completed! – Bring News of the Survivors

Reward: 2,000 XP and 1,000 Credits

Quest Received – Report to the Council of Whitehorse any information of importance

Rewards: XP Reward Varies

Quest Received (Repeatable) – Kill the Boss monsters around Whitehorse

Boss monsters are appearing around Whitehorse. To reduce the danger of a monster horde, you must kill the Boss monsters before they grow too strong. To succeed, kill 4 Boss monsters. Rewards: 20,000 XP.

Quest Received – Clear the Caves

Clear the caves found by the scout and report back to the Council of Carcross. Rewards: 10,000 XP.

Quest Complete! – You have cleared the Carcross Cave of Crilik Shifters!

10,000 XP Awarded. Reputation increase in the village of Carcross.

Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2

Quest Complete (Troll’s Blood)

Retrieve 40 Liters of Troll’s Blood for Sally. Rewards: 2 Tier II Health Regeneration Potions, 2 Tier II Mana Regeneration. Potions, 2,000 XP.

Quest Received—The Onlivik Spores (Shareable)

Destroy the Onlivik Spores that have infected the Frakin in the Two-Horn Mountain Dungeon. Rewards: 50,000 Credits, 20,000 XP.

System Quest Complete (Onlivik Spores) – Destroy the Onlivik Spores that have infected the Frakin in the Two-Horn Mountain Dungeon. Rewards (shared): 50,000 Credits, 20,000 XP.