The shop is a System generated place of commerce that uses System credits as currency. It allows users or members of the System to buy anything from anywhere or from the Shopkeepers who rent its space.

It is how those within the System upgrade their world and themselves.

The shop appears as a high-tech retail space with lots of yellow: yellow walls, waiting chairs, and counter top. Along with a yellow lizard man, named Malik, who facilitates the shop’s visitors. There is also a bi-pedal fox with a soft voice who helps, and often attempts to scam, customers.

In the shop, Ali appears at his full height, which is 7ft. tall.

While in the shop, John feels and appears fully healthy, as the Galactic Council has a policy that all purchases must be made by individuals in their full health. John returns to the same condition in which he entered the shop, however.

While it’s possible to teleport via the System, most commerce is actually done by spaceships. The cost of transporting goods is significant, so using freighters and automated delivery ships helps reduce this cost. This makes individuals who run shops locally more competitive than getting the Shop to fix things. Smart Shopkeepers use a combination of teleportation, rush contracts, and time dilation to allow products to be fixed, or sometimes swapped out entirely.