Life in the North, Book 1

Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon, Canada.

Has a Safe Zone.

Redeemer of the Dead, Book 2

When John returns to Whitehorse after living at the Carcross Cut-off Fort, he notes the buildings that have sprung up since his absence: A grocery store with handmade local luxuries, an armorer with locally crafted low-level armor pieces, a couple of competing alchemists, a trio of clothing stores, the Guild, the hotels that have been purchased, and a pub called The Nugget.

The Nugget – A pub in Whitehorse set up during John’s absence living in the fort. Usually busy and filled with hunting parties, craftsmen, and serving women. Serves beer, steaks, and fish and chips, as well as cross-hatched ribs in barbeque sauce and bowls of stew.