It’s snowing out here again. Had a few days of thaw, but for the last 2 days it’s just been snow, snow, snow. Really looking forward to spring…

A Gamer’s Wish, book 1 of the Hidden Wishes series was sent off to the proofreader last night. We should be good to hit the April 1st release date for the book unless something goes horribly wrong. Pre-orders will be added in a few days. As always, I’ll commit to finishing up at least a trilogy in this world and if it does well, maybe more. 🙂

Book 4 (still untitled) of the System Apocalypse is being written. I’ve just got back to writing it again today after dealing with a nasty cold and lots of work at my real job. I have an April 28 date with my editor to get this edited, so release should (if I hit the date) be around mid-to-late May.

Audiobook Book or 3 of the System Apocalypse is scheduled for around mid-June.