Okay, monthly update coming in. I did one for my patrons a bit a go but this is an overall update for everyone. 

A Thousand Li

The Second Sect launched in both ebook and audiobook formats! 

As of writing, they are still both doing really well with the audiobook being a bestseller still. Not the ebook (at least not on Amazon.com, it is on .ca!)

Thank you all for reading and reviewing! On that note, we’ve also got more ratings for book 5 than we do for book 1 which is amusing.

I’ve got the first scene for the Second Storm, book 6, already plotted in my head. I can’t start writing just yet (see below) and I don’t have a true idea of where I’ll be at the end, though I have general goals for the book. It’ll be an interesting exploration for us all. 

As always, everything will be available for patrons beforehand.

System Apocalypse

Forbidden Zone is in the editing stage. I just realised I made a mess of some stuff in it, so I expect there to be some extensive editing (I forgot a character… oops!). So there’s going to be a bunch of work left. Editing deadline is July 6, so that’s when it will go to copy editors and then after that proofers. Early (first draft) chapters are already on Patreon.

September 1 continues to be the release date.

Broken Council audiobook continues to face delays. Nick’s latest project is dragging on longer than expected. We’re literally the next project, so once that is done, we’re good to go but we are still waiting. Sorry everyone. Just know that it’ll be amazing as always. Sometimes, quality takes time.

Novelettes (Eternal Night & Power, Masks & Capes)

No movement on either. The ebooks & audiobook for both series are out already, please pick them up if it’s of interest. These books are in libraries and other retailers, so lots of ways to get them.

Adventures on Brad

Book 7 is updated and finished. We’re doing one final readthrough and Book 8 is nearly done. Like two chapters away. I hope to have it done in the next week or so, then I’ll tackle other shorter projects and get back to working on finishing up this series with book 9. 

Goal continues to be a rapid release at end of year.

Exclusive Short Stories for Patrons

Short stories continue to come out every month. We’ve put all the shorts we have for Patrons up on the website just to simplify life. However, Patrons get them all for $1 and get to vote for whatever it is I’m writing each month.

Audiobook production of the shorts happens when I have time. Eventually, all the shorts will be added to a single (large) book, but that will be in a year or so since I switch between shorts all the time. 

Most of which are ATL and SA focused. Hah!

Tao Plot Bunnies

As always, plot bunnies continue to propagate without care for the ecology of my creative brain. I’m still working (on and off) with one that escaped its enclosure. I will get that done (at some point!) but it’s lower on the list of things to get done. It’s… different, so I won’t discuss it till it’s done.

I did have a REALLY REALLY COOL idea for another litrpg apocalypse kind of story which I really, really want to do. We shall see what happens but I have so much to do it might not arrive anytime soon. 

I need a writing clone… *mutters*

Co-Author & Secret Projects

No updates on secret projects. Some are particularly frustrating and slowly grinding through, but they are happening.

Co-author projects are coming along slowly. Two have stalled for a bit, but that’s fine – I planned for these to be done on/off. The third’s first draft is finished and I can announce it!

Craig Hamilton who wrote a short story for the System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology has reprised the character and series.  We’re starting with Hal’s introduction to the System, and chart his journey through Earth and the Galactic System. 

I’m really excited to see this work published and already have Shamaan Casey, the audiobook narrator booked. We’re looking into potentially doing a simultaneous release for this as well.

Other Notes – Translations

Some of you might have noticed a surge of translations from me, especially in German. We’ve been working on the backend to get all my main series translated into German. So, I figured I’d update our German fans on things.

System Apocalypse – book 5 is currently getting proofed and in formatting stages. I believe we’re looking at a July 15 release date for it. Book 6 is already being edited by Frank and we’re contracted to work with him for the rest of the series as he gets done. Sadly, he’s getting more and more busy so releases will likely only once every 3-4 months.

Audiobook for book 4 is looking at an end-August finish.

Hidden Wishes – the final book is currently in translation. Current plans are to see it in end August I believe on our side. Philipp is very busy but we’re halfway there at the moment.

No audiobooks planned for series (rights issue. Sorry guys!)

Adventures on Brad – this is going to be the fastest release. We have found someone who is able to dedicate translating the books full-time on AoB and since the books are short (40-50k each); we’re busy getting all of it translated, edited and proofed but currently, we’re on track to release once a month till all 6 (current) books are finished. If we get it right, book 7 onwards will see a simultaneous release for German AND English.

German audiobook is DONE. We’re just waiting for ACX to process it, and it’ll be released into the wild. Book 2 audiobook will start mid-July and we’re hoping to keep working with the young lady for all the books till it’s done. (Yes, female narrator, but she’s VERY good).

A Thousand Li – we translated the short story for A Thousand Liand that went well enough we’ve produced the full translation for book 1. It is currently undergoing editing, so we’re hoping to have it released in another month or two.

At that point, we’re going to have to find a German narrator. If you know of any good German narrators, I’d love to hear of them (male preferably).

Other languages have seen some translation offers. Most other languages are not generating much in terms of revenue so they are being done via royalty share translation rights. 

We are considering French, but that will likely happen after we are done with German translations.

Lastly, Personal

On a personal note, there’s some major changes happening this summer. I’m hoping it doesn’t disrupt writing too much, but frankly, it could quite likely cause issues (moving, etc.). In addition, with the pandemic situation slowly improving, travel is looking VERY enticing. This might disrupt the later part of this year / early next year.

It’s why I’m scheduling only 4 major releases a year (2 ATL, 2 SA) right now, so that I am able to get ahead of the writing if possible. Still, I wanted to let people know about disruptions in advance if possible.