The Second Expedition (A Thousand Li 4) is finished! Well, my edits are finished. It goes to the editors on schedule on August 12, 2020 and we should release around October 1, 2020 most likely.

I have to focus the next week or two on editing the co-author project I’ve been working on, so no new writing. The Patrons will continue to get Second Expedition so that’s no issue.

Once I’m done with the co-author project, we’ll get some beta readers on it.

I’ve got another co-author project (this one for SA) going along (and potentially one more, it’s mostly sorted) so you can expect an expansion in the universe. No timeline of when the new books will be done though, sorry!

After I’m done with the editing, I will begin writing (probably end August/early September). I’m uncertain what project I will take on. There’s a few ideas bouncing around in my head, some of which might break free. I have an idea for AoB 7 and another pair of completely new projects that want to be written.

If I’m practical, it’s likely going to be Broken Council (SA 10), but I’m not sure since I am playing with a few different starting points. And what John intends to do.

That’s about it for major work. I do want to start adding short stories or side projects so I might end up doing my planned 4 main project days, 1 side project days instead.

We’ll see. There’s a few things I want to test in writing (cycling back in editing regularly instead of spending weeks editing at the end). So… lots of things to see.