Stars Awoken is with the editor at this time. Should get the book back in about 2 weeks at which point I’ll do the fixes and have it back for proofreading. Expect June 1 to be not an issue for release as there are no major changes expected.

I’m back to writing the First Stop, book 2 of the A Thousand Li series. I’m about 35k words in, so if everything goes well, I should be done writing by May. That means we’re looking at a July or August release, depending on my editors schedule and exactly when I finish writing (including time to rest / review the book with fresh eyes).

After The First Stop is done, I’m hoping to focus on Adventures on Brad book 6, hopefully finishing that quite quickly. If I can find the time, I’m hoping to squeeze that in while waiting for my brain to reset for A Thousand Li.

If that works, then I will be back to book the System Apocalyse book 8. Or maybe the Hidden Wishes series.