Just a brief writing and business update for everyone.


  1. A Thousand Li: The First Step audiobook should release on June 13, 2019 as far as I’ve been told. Recording was mostly done as of last week, so there shouldn’t be an issue with the release. This is releasing by Tantor and going wide, so you’ll be able to find the book in Hoopla, iTunes, Audible and more.
  2. System Apocalypse audiobooks continue to be on hold till August/September when Nick has time.

eBooks / Print Books

  1. The Stars Awoken System Apocalypse book 7 is on pre-order. I uploaded the final files, so it should be good. Print files should go up this week too, so that everyone can get the books on time.
  2. I have completed the first draft of the The First Stop (book 2 of the A Thousand Li series). I should start editing sometime next week once my head clears of the plot so I can see the plot points better. Patreon is getting the first draft now, though I expect some of the details will change. I know there’s at least 2 scenes that need adding. Hoping to release this in July 1, but not certain.
  3. Currently writing Adventures on Brad book 6 – The Forest’s Silence. At 24k words, which is pass the halfway point for AoB books normally. I don’t expect it’ll be done before I get back to editing A Thousand Li, but the plan is ot return to it and get it finished before moving to SA 8.

Secret Project

  1. Is nearly done. I’m super excited by this and the patron’s know of the project as well as some of my writer friends. I am nearly 99% done, super excited to let everyone see it when it’s over.