System Apocalypse

Beta readers for book 4 of the System Apocalypse should get me the read-through and comments by the end of the week. So far, so good.

Goes to editing a few days after, then fixing and proofreading. Release date should be Sept 1.

We’re still working on the cover, but it’s probably my favorite of the group right now.

Adventures on Brad

Sometimes, books flow. Surprisingly, the first draft of Book 4 of the Adventures on Brad is already done. Still have at least 2 scenes that I realise need to be added and editing, but it’s good to go.

Sadly, I’m going to need to wait to release since editing is going to take about 3 weeks and I finished this much faster than expected.  I’m also still waiting on the cover (again, see above).

Lastly, title for Book 4 is the Arena’s Call.

I’ll probably look at releasing it Oct 1.

Hidden Wishes

Yup, next book that I’ll be tackling is Book 2 of the Hidden Wishes series.

Have a rough idea of what I want to do, but sadly, the plot that I had in my head disappeared. So I’m going to have to sit down and write out the outline, hopefully remembering the brilliant plot that I had when I was half-asleep.

Yeah, write down your ideas people.