New Series

I’m working on a new wuxia / cultivation novel which will be my new series. Yes, I know, I jump series a lot. Blame my brain. The System Apocalypse series and the Adventures on Brad series will continue to be released quite regularly while the Hidden Wishes series will likely get one more release at some point I believe if I get an idea for book 3.

I am 90% done with the first draft of this new series so I expect it will be done by the end of the month (or slightly before). I will then be moving on to writing the System Apocalypse Book 7.


A Squire’s Wish audiobook has been sent to Audible. We’re awaiting approval from them and then it’s released.

Nic will begin recording book 5 of the System Apocalypse this month, I expect we’ll have it out for release sometime in February.

Upcoming Releases

The Adventurers Bond will (hopefully) release in February. I’m waiting to get back the proofread copy before I set it up for pre-order.

After that, I expect it’ll likely be April before the cultivation book is released.

If I can, I’d like to release the System Apocalypse book in May, but that depends on how the book flows and how big the book will be. As the first book in the Galactic arc, I have no idea though I would not be surprised if it’s over 100k words again.