Alright, this is going to be a bit of a shorter update (explained below). Let’s get to it:

System Apocalypse

System Apocalypse – Relentless is OUT. You don’t have to have read book 1, and if you like a little more mercenary characters, Hal is the one for you. Second book is tentatively releasing MAY 2022.  Audiobook for book 1 mid-October.

Yes, Craig has a real life and a real job. Sorry all.

If you want more System Apocalypse stuff, but loved the community and (yes) base building aspects, K.T. Hanna‘s System Apocalypse: Australia just finished the first draft. She’ll get me the book middle of next week to finish reviewing, we’ll hash out any issues with the system, plots, etc. and then she’ll be working on book 2 immediately. 

Forbidden Zone – book 11 is out on pre-order. September 1 release. Book 12 probably around March-April next year.

Broken Council Audiobook still waiting for individual doing the master to recover from Covid. No timeline on release now, sorry!

A Thousand Li

Writing book 6 now. Second Storm is at around 60k words. It might take a little longer due to real life stuff, I’m hoping for an end of year release either way.

Adventures on Brad

Got back the edits for book 7. Book 8 will be edited soon, book 9 is a third written. I’ll hopefully be able to do an end of the year rapid release for all 3 books, but worse case it’ll be 7 & 8 and then a longer wait for 9. 

The goal is to try to finish 9 and ATL, since I work better jumping between.  

Other Side Projects & Plot Bunnies

We’re restarting the Kickstarter for the graphic novel hard covers, so keep an eye on it. It’s a MUCH lower ask this time since we found a local company that can do print runs as low as 50 copies (the basic $500 ask is for us to have a portion of the cost paid by the fans and for me to keep a bunch at home for sending out / selling / gifts / etc.).  

Plot bunny wise, I really haven’t touched much of my side projects since July, so most of those are sitting quietly. I do have a bunch of new ideas, but I’m trying to be disciplined and keep from splitting my focus too much. 

Translations into German are a major focus, with some other languages being translated as well. We’ve got nearly all of the Spanish translations done for AoB and we’re testing translations for other languages.


I’ll be at Dragoncon this year in September in Atlanta. If you’re around and want something signed, give me a shout, we’ll figure a meetup. Currently, I’ll show up on my panels and the Fantasy Gather (late since one of my panels is scheduled at the same time! Grrr…) and probably MDP’s gather.

In November, I’ll be at 20booksto50k Vegas for a 1 day fan gather / meet that is hosting hundreds of other indie authors. Come by, buy books, get me to sign stuff and maybe even a few merch items will be around.  

That’s pretty much all the fan stuff. I might show up more in Canada too (see further note)

Personal Stuff

I’ve moved out of the Yukon and am now in Toronto! Still have residences and stuff in the Yukon, a lot of things need to be shipped so I’m working on my bed for the most part and wandering around, trying to get a feel for the city.

That means I’m:

a) physically exhausted

b) running a billion errands and;

c) also catching random colds…

Overall, words have slowed a bit. I’m average around 1k a day (yes, including weekends) so the delay in ATL is purely due to all this. I’m hoping by end August things will settle down enough that I’ll be able to get back on track, but we shall see.

Now, I’m going to crash because (a) and (c).