Did a few updates on Facebook, but I figured I’d let people know status of things and the plan.

World’s Unbound – System Apocalypse Book 6 first draft is done. I’ll start editing it in another week or so, and hopefully have it all done by the end of the month or early next month.  It’ll then be given to the editor for editing and additional fixes and then proofreaders.

No beta readers this time since Patreon supporters are playing that part 😛  Release date tentatively for January 1.

Book 5 Audiobook is uncertain, looking at probably end of the year. I’m waiting for Nic to confirm recording date.


A Squire’s Wish – book 2 of the Hidden Wishes series is now at 41k words. It probably will end up around 50k or maybe 60k words, seems like a short book. That might be done soon after in mid-November so if I’m lucky, it might get cleared for December 1 release date.

Yes, it’s faster release date because the book requires less proofreading and editing so it’ll get done faster. Also, using 2 different editors / proofers so both get done.


Adventures on Brad book 5 will be written next.  Probably started in December for hopefully February release.

Audiobook for the Arena’s Call has been recorded, being proofed now and hopefully sent for QA early next week. Release whenever ACX decides it’s good after that.


Wait? What else are you doing in November you ask? I’m going on a holiday! Muahahaha. So I doubt much writing will happen that month once I leave.

Lastly, I have a mailing list. I send out one e-mail a month, to subscribers either for new releases on my part & for recommended books in the genre.