Firstly, Happy New Year!

I’m pretty sure this is my first update of the year, so happy new year! I’ll try to be brief on the updates.

Release Information

Leveled Up Love Cover

Just general reminder, but Leveled Up Love is currently out as of December 1, 2020. The audiobook is currently in processing (see below for more details).

For those that did not know, this is a Romantic Comedy with a Gamelit twist, with our protagonist being forced to use a buggy lifestyle app.

In other release news, on Feb 1, 2021; Broken Council (Book 10 of the System Apocalypse) will release. Expect a cover reveal (patrons have already seen it!) and pre-order link sometime next week.

Also, not in my regular writing news, but I do have my Marketing Strategy for Authors book up. It’s just a compilation and edit of my business blog posts.

Audiobook Updates

Stars Asunder

Stars Asunder‘s audiobook has been recorded by Nick Podehl. We have a few final proofed corrections to make, and then it should start being uploaded next week.

At that point, I’ll throw the book up on this website while we wait for ACX to push the book through Quality Assurance hell.

In the meantime, we have:

Leveled Up Love’s audiobook currently in ACX QA hell. It was sent in at the end of last month, so we should see it appear sometime this month supposedly.

We had the amazing Natalie Naudus do the narration for Leveled Up Love, so I can’t wait to distribute the work to you all.

Also, waiting for QA (not my work, but under Starlit Publishing) is Hive Queen from Grayson Sinclair. We also have book 2 of the German System Apocalypse translations (Erlöser der Toten) in production. That should be finished end February.

We also had a bunch of the shorts recorded for the System Apocalypse series as well as First Steps into the Night, so we will begin uploading those very soon. These are going on all retailers, just like the other shorts.

Lastly, we should have Book 10 of the System Apocalypse series start recording in February or so from Nick, so it won’t be that long a wait this time around.

Writing Updates

As mentioned, Broken Council is done. Proofed copy is finished, I just need to add backmatter, frontmatter, make sure formatting is correct, set-up pre-order and all that other fun stuff. It releases on February 1, 2021; so keep an eye out!

I’ve been invited to a couple of anthologies. I can’t name them yet, since this isn’t official, but I did manage to get one of the shorts written during December. I can’t release that yet (since it’s for the anthology) but it was a ton of fun to write.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to do the 2nd anthology short. If the anthologies do not materialise (or the work isn’t up to standards or requirements); they’ll get released to patrons as normal.

Also, during December, I started working on the Adventures on Brad book 7. Unfortunately, I only managed to get 30k words down, so it’s nowhere near done. I’ve also decided to hold off (public) release till I have finished books 8 & 9. That will actually be a good ‘ending’ point to the series I think, which will resolve one of the major plot threads in the series.

Currently, I’m working on the Second Sect (A Thousand Li 5) so that I can release it around June 1, 2021. If all goes well, it should be done by then. That will be the major work for the next 2-3 months. I’m currently at 21k words (including world notes); so there’s a ton to be written. I haven’t even finished the start portion, but it’s going well considering I only started writing on the 1st.

And that’s it for writing updates. I have a short I owe the patrons (A Thousand Li short) and I’ll continue to try to produce one short for them a month. Eventually, I’ll publish those shorts for everyone else to read (with some exceptions possibly); but they will be exclusive for a bit. I believe they currently have 2 exclusive shorts in the System Apocalypse universe.

Other Updates

Last few things, for general thoughts that might have been covered in the 2021 upates and plans.

  • I’ll be launching a Kickstarter for the System Apocalypse comics to create a physical trade paperback of the compiled books 1-7. It’ll include an acknowledgement page for backers and additional artwork and covers that were not released in the other comics. Current plans are to have the Kickstarter in the middle of February or so.
  • I’ve been debating running a Kickstarter for another System Apocalypse anthology (by other writers) to fund the work. I’m just not sure if there’s interest in it.
  • Merchandise and the store is now up and running on the site itself. You can pick up A Thousand Li mugs along with System Apocalypse mugs. I am working on t-shirts too.

I think that’s it. Questions? Concerns? Comments? Below as usual.