think I missed the update for April. Ooops…. Sorry about that. Things have been hectic a little, so a few things to discuss.

A Thousand Li

I finished up the edits of A Thousand Li: the Third Cut in April. That’s been sent to my editor, there’s a few things she raised that I might have to go deeper into and edit when her edits come back. After it’s back in mid-May or so, we’ve got my edits and then the final proofread. At which point we’ll be sending it to Travis and hoping he can squeeze us in early. Otherwise, it’ll be an October recording. 🙁

I also finished up the Sundering Blade, which means that outside of formatting, it should be ready for individuals who sign up at the Action Fantasy Book Club to receive for free. It’ll be put out for sale in 2024.

Climbing the Ranks 

The book continues to be released free on Starlit Publishing. We’re expecting book 1 to be finished around mid-August or so I believe. I’ve written another 40k or so words for book 2, but have kind of put it on hold till I finish up other work. There are no plans for this book to ever go into Kindle Unlimited, so if you want to read it for free, that’s on our website.

Or just buy the book when it comes out. We’re also looking at doing a Kickstarter for a nice hardcover and paperback, with audio already sold to Tantor.

The Hidden Universe

Alright, two exciting things in the Hidden Universe (my urban fantasy world). Firstly, the first book in the Hidden Wishes universe (A Gamer’s Wish) is available in a bundle with 4 other authors in the Urban Fantasy Unleashed collection. Some of you might know one of the authors involved (James Hunter). If you haven’t read the series, this is a great time to pick the book up for cheap along with others.

Second, the Kickstarter for the Nameless Dishes work is over. We’re in the process of getting artwork for the paperback done up, but the initial novella has been sent out for everyone to read. An updated ebook for them will be sent with the pretty pictures later when we get that back (along with shipments of the work).

The Nameless Restaurant itself can be purchased on our site this month after which it’ll go up on Amazon.

Power, Masks and Capes

I know most of you don’t read my little superhero novella forays, but the third one called The Cultist has had its cover reveal and can be purchased on our site.

The System Apocalypse

The System Apocalypse Second Anthology released on Amazon at the start of April. If you wanted to read it on Kindle Unlimited, I’d recommend grabbing it soon because we’re going to pull it out after the first 90 day period and put it on other retailers.

The audiobook will release on May 12, 2023 so for those waiting for the audio, it should be coming soon.

Reminder, the anthology actually has a glimpse into the much demanded time between books 5 and 6. This might be the only glimpse people will see for a very long time, so grab it now.

Otherwise, co-author works continue to chug along. KT starts writing soon for book 4 of the SA:AU universe, Craig is 2/3 done on drafting book 3 and we’ve got a couple of other co-authors working quietly on the background. Lots of expansion to the universe including some in areas that I think you’d be surprised. 

Other Projects

Patrons probably know, but I’m working on a new crunch LitRPG. It’s what I’m writing alongside ATL 10 right now, though writing on that has slowed down a little because I came across a big math problem. I’m going back and editing things now, hoping I catch it all.

It’s a fun project but I don’t expect to see releases on it till next year. Patrons are getting little glimpses as I ask for their help, but we shall see how it all plays out in the future.

And the Personal

Otherwise, that’s really mostly what I’ve been doing. A lot of work being backlogged, and I missed my deadline for actually finishing up a major project I was supposed to finish up. Luckily it was never announced and if I can catch up, maybe it’ll release this year. Most likely though, if I get to it, it’ll be next year.

Last month was pretty rough in terms of healthwise with various colds, chronic injuries flaring up and other things. It’s mostly settled down, but I’m down in Oklahoma City early part of this year visiting some co-authors and being a speaker at OWFI.

That should be interesting. It’s been years since I’ve done a public presentation. Hopefully the nerves aren’t too bad…