Writing Update

Beta readers have received Coast on Fire (Book 5 of the System Apocalypse). That means we should be on schedule for a September 1 release after I get the book back, fix errors and rewrite / add scenes and get it to the editor. Who then has to edit it, get me to fix more things and then get it proofread.

Finished all the updates in pretty much 3.5 days (Friday to Monday). The book is the largest yet at just over 100,000 words (not including glossary).  Hopefully I did it justice.

Because I’m insane, I started writing Book 4 of the Adventures on Brad today. That will probably release in October if nothing major happens.

After that, I’ll likely work on Book 6 of the System Apocalypse.

Writing Inspiration

So, fans of the Hidden Wishes series might notice there’s no release date for Book 2. There’s a reason for that. I’m lacking inspiration. And in this, I have to apologise to fans of the series. I wrote the book with the intention of writing a series. But somehow, somewhere along the way, the initial ‘cool concept’ ended up without a proper arc.

It shows in the final book I believe. It also shows in my lack of ideas of what book 2 / 3 / etc. should happen. I have a few things in mind for book 11 or something, some secrets that are hidden. But the path between is murky right now.

So for now, the series is on hiatus. I might have inspiration by the time book 4 is done of the Adventures on Brad which is good news.

Book 6 of the System Apocalypse is actually facing a different problem. I now have 2 ideas of how to write it. One is more experimental, a way for me to stretch my writing chops. It’s also more risky but has the advantage of advancing the story faster. The second is a bit more routine, but gives up the above opportunities. I’ll probably chat with some writer friends once they’ve read book 5 and see what they think of my 2 ideas. Though I am leaning towards the first option.


I’m likely to launch a Patreon account in the very near future. The entire thing with Michael Scott-Earle and Jason Capriano losing their entire accounts is frightening. While I don’t rely on this income yet, I do have plans of becoming a full-time writer. If that’s the case, I cannot afford to just rely on 1 income source.

A decent Patreon account, one that isn’t reliant on Amazon would make things a heck of a lot safer. So, look forward to seeing some details about that within the next week.