Good news and bad news for this writing update.

Good news:

  • we’re definitely releasing Leveled Up Love – the joint project with A.G. Marshall on December 1, 2020. We’ll be doing a cover reveal very soon, but I’m super excited about the release. This project has taken over a year to finish and it’s (hopefully) tapping into an undersved market. It’s also just so very, very good. It’s utterly hilarious.

    Audiobook narrator has been booked for the same month too, so we’ll have a release in a few months after.
  • with all 7 issues of the Life in the North comic adaptation finished, we’re going ahead with plans for a Kickstarter to get a trade paperback version created. We’ve got variant covers already created. We need to figure out pricing / timing / costs, etc. so I don’t expect to see it happen till after Christmas.
  • Second Expedition audiobook has been completed. We’re just waiting for the update on ACX’s side to have it released widely. In the meantime, it’s on the Payhip store.
  • Lastly, Broken Council (book 10 of the System Apocalypse) first draft is done.

    There’s a lot of work left to do (see bad news) but release is scheduled for February 1, 2020.

Bad News

  • the biggest bad news is around Broken Council. I realised I wrote pass my ending, so I actually cut a bunch of words out. Those words will end up in book 11 (modified); but it does mean that Broken Council is right now sitting at just over 96,000 words. A bit on the shorter side, but not the shortest System Apocalypse novel.
  • the other aspect is that the first draft requires a significant amount of reworking. The climax needs to be fixed. There’s insufficient tension, not enough foreshadowing, bad pacing, etc.

    There’s a lot that this draft needs to be redone, so I’ll need the rest of this month to get it updated.