Been a bit since I did a proper update, so here we go.

Writing Plans & Updates:

  • I’m working on Broken Council right now. I’m at 60k words or so, with a bunch of work still needed to be done I think. I figure this will be another 100-110k book. It’s slower than normal, partly because I’ve been dealing with a persistent cold (or series of colds) that refuse to leave me alone (no, it’s not Covid, I’ve been tested) and my usual chronic pain issues.

    So, I’ve asked my editors to bump me to December instead of November. I might have been able to push for November, but I’m uncertain if that was viable, so I figure shifting now was a better idea. That means we won’t see a release till February 2021 I believe.
  • I’m also scheduled to write a short story (or two) this month. One for Patreon (A System Apocalypse short), one for an anthology that I’m tempted to do an open call for.
  • After Broken Council is done, I’d love to catch up and do a short/novella for the Hidden Wishes series that is a prequel. That will be given away free as a lead-in for the series to (hopefully) goose sales. I’ll also start Adventures on Brad 7 since I have an idea for it and want to release a book there.
  • After all that which I’m hoping to be done by end of the year or January at the latest, I’ll start on A Thousand Li 5. I’ve actually for 1.5k done since the start of the book wanted out.
  • In the middle of all that, there’s the co-author project with K.T. Hanna which will be happening for System Apocalypse (Australia). No specific release dates yet, we need to hammer down plot and words. We’ll let you know once the first draft is done. We’re looking at a trilogy at least to start.
  • And that’s the immediate writing plans. After that, it’ll likely be back to System Apocalypse again and then A Thousand Li, etc. But who knows, I might change my mind. 😛

Release Plans & Updates

  • My co-author project with A.G. Marshall is in copy editing right now. We’re looking at a December release, with audiobook recording in the same month. Except a cover reveal toward November.

    Yes, I’m SUPER excited about this project. I had a ton of fun working with Angela on this.
  • I also have a short story that was sold and that will be released in December. More details to be released then.
  • Audiobooks for Stars Asunder & Second Expedition are both supposed to be recording this month. Once they are recorded, I’ll put them on my website direct as well as pushing them through ACX.

    Second Expedition will be released WIDE so you’ll be able to find it in libraries, iTunes, Scribd, etc. Stars Asunder will continue to be ACX exclusive.
  • Issue 7 of the Comic will be released on Amazon very soon. That will be the last of the comic issues and covers everything that happened in Life in the North.
  • German editions of the comic are being translated and updated. We’re releasing them as we get them with 2 week gaps. So all issues should show up pretty soon.
  • And if you didn’t know, we have the German edition of A Gamer’s Wish completed.

Other Items in Various Stages of Planning

  • We’re looking into producing more German translations of the Hidden Wishes series and completing the last 2 books.
  • In addition, we’ll likely go back to translating System Apocalypse next year into German and finish the next arc. We’re working with two different translators and services, so they’re sort of two different projects (and capital funds)
  • I’d love to get moving on a trade paperback version of the comics and Kickstart its production. We still need to finish putting together the files, figuring out the pricing, suppliers, how we’d get everything to everyone, etc. It’s a bit of a project, so it might be a while before it can get done.
  • And in the back of my mind, if I ever get enough time, I’d love to run a Kickstarter to finance another short story anthology for the System Apocalypse.
  • And there’s a vague idea for another share world co-author project I’d love to do. But that’s a lot of work….

Those are all the major projects. I’m sure I’ll come out with various other things to do, and many of those in the bottom end will be a while before they’re ready. Feel free to ask questions for sure.