Apologies. I never did do a September update and I ended up entirely forgetting that this needed to be done. Let me get this out of the way, quickly so you all know what is going on.

System Apocalypse

The biggest news is the anthology. I have now shortlisted and signed the majority of the stories for the anthology, with the work going to be around 75k words or so. I’m currently dev editing all the stories, to make sure they line up properly (mostly minor System stuff) before we get to copy editing and proofing it all.

We’re looking at running a Kickstarter in November or so, with the Kickstarter meant to provide more $ for the writers and potentially an audiobook and other goodies. Final launch should be around March in Amazon or so.

Still no major update on SA 12 audiobook. We will get it when Nick is able to provide the book, but we are waiting patiently for him to get well and sending all our best wishes. 

Craig has sent me his plot for book 3 of System Apocalypse: Relentless with book 2 obviously having released this month. We’re super happy to see it out and books will be going out for everyone once they arrive. Amazon is taking forever and we’re expecting delivery end of the month.


KT is currently working on personal projects, so we won’t see any work from here for a bit. Once she’s done with the work she’s finishing up, we’ll likely see more work in SA: Australia.

Will there be other co-authors? Maybe. Depends on how the anthology writers feel, obviously.

As for me… maybe in a few years. Outside of shorts, of course.

A Thousand Li

Book 8 has been edited and sent to copy editor. We’re well on track for a Jan 1 Starlit Publishing release and a general Feb 1 release on Amazon.

Bad news (likely) on the audio. Due to Travis’s increased popularity and my own mess up (I gave him the wrong dates!); we won’t see an audiobook for that till at least October 2023. It MIGHT be sooner, but he is so slammed, it is unlikely.

I… do apologise. Don’t know what to say but sorry?

In other good news though for ATL, I have plans for a shorter novella/novel that’s sort of a prequel that will be written for all of you (and a special project) for 2023. It’ll be released here exclusively and then not available until much, much later anywhere else.

After that, ATL 9 is on the project list. So, if I do this right, we’ll just be releasing almost purely ATL works (with the occassional chapter from Climbing the Ranks).

Climbing the Ranks

Alright, an editor who speaks Manglish has been secured. It’s a little expensive, but everything is getting edited and the first book should be completed by the end of the year. Really, I call it book, but it’s the first floor…

Current plans is for release on Patreon for now, with a speed up sometime next year, as we’ll be releasing the work for free on Starlit Publishing.

Audiobook WILL happen, but it will be tricky finding the correct narrator because of the Manglish. Lots of news there, just wait.  

Plot Bunnies

One plot bunny is nearly finished. This is a work in the Hidden Wishes universe, though it’ll be thematically and structurally very different. Release sometime next year (edits, cover, etc. still required).

I am still working on the epic fantasy for Tales of the Dulled Blade. That’s my major project right now, outside of getting the last of the above plot bunny and Climbing the Ranks Floor 1 finished and editing the anthology.

Yeah, it’s a little busy.

New LitRPG

Not even started. I know what I want to do and what has to be done and it’s churning away in my head and I can’t wait to get to it, but I have so much to get finished up here… it might be a bit before it releases.

If I am lucky, it’ll be released end of next year, but we shall see. 

So… Writing Schedule in Order

  • SA Anthology 2 (Release Jan or so)
  • Climbing the Ranks (free serial release on Starlit Publishing in January 2023)
  • ATL 8 (In editing, Release Feb 1)
  • Plot Bunny Novella (Release April? May?)
  • Tales of a Dulled Blade (Concurrent right now, with below project. Release July/Aug)
  • Secret ATL Project (release on Patreon only in 2022, and then August 2023 wide)
  • ATL 9 (after Secret ATL Project. Release Nov/Dec).
  • New LitRPG (possibly written concurrently, though Climbing the Ranks is taking up a chunk of that space too).

And then there’s all the usual co-author projects and other special projects which we won’t discuss till they are much closer to finishing and have it slipped into the schedule.  

Patreon benefits (print and audio)

Please, please look above to see writing schedule. For the rest of this year, there are NO print books coming out. We do have audio for SA:R2, SA:A3 and SA12 for the end of this year, but then might not have any audio for you all till umm… mid-year.

So if you are supporting to get those benefits, do review your oledges. Once we have a better schedule for the rest of the year, we’ll also make sure to get it up; but a lot of the writing/etc. is in the air till I finish these side projects, get myself focused and get these plot bunnies away so I can focus on other stuff.

I REALLY want to get to the new LitRPG ’cause it’s cool, but I got to keep ATL writing going to and finish stringing up these annoying bunnies.

Conventions & Rest of the Year

I have one major convention left to do this year, which is coming up next week. I’ll be gone for a week, so writing will be slowed down even further because of that. However, once that is over, I’ll be free till February so I’m hoping I can get a LOT of writing down before the end of the year.

There’s a LOT of work coming out next year, so we’ll be managing a bunch of things.

As always, feel free to ask if you have any further questions!