So, right now, I’m waiting for my beta readers and the cover artist to get back to me on Life in the North, the first book of my System Apocalypse series.  Frustrating since other than that, I’m all good to go to publish the works.

A Healer’s Gift is selling okay I guess.  It’s interesting since I threw the book up on a whole series of different sites and thus far, Amazon is the only site where I’ve seen any decent sales.  I literally have sold 1 copy in all other sites other than Amazon.

The current plan is to throw up Life in the North on Amazon exclusively and make it Kindle Unlimited available too. Hopefully I don’t shoot myself in the foot by doing that though and I’ll see some decent sales, but we’ll have to see.

On another note, I’m working on Book 2 for Adventures on Brad.  It’s hard writing in third person and I have been dealing with depression and a cold along with real life so writing is slow.  I’m hoping I can focus on it more and chunk out the current storyline in the next couple of weeks.  If so, the moment I am mostly done I’ll get the next cover worked on so I don’t have to wait as long.  I expect that my current ‘idea’ for Book 2 is going to be split into two, making the entire Karlak section a mini-trilogy, especially if my writing continues to follow in the format that I’ve been working in.