Since I haven’t posted an update in a bit.
1) A Jinn’s Wish released. If you haven’t heard of it, now you have! Go buy!

2) First War saw me finish up writing middle of last week. I started editing full-time. I’m now about 70% of the way through the first edit. There’s going to be an extra edit process (as I changed to dictation) so release is STILL May 1. Sorry guys, but I expect I’ll be doing some rewrites.

Good news is that Travis should be scheduled for book 3 soon after book release or even slightly before, so we can get the audiobook out soon.

3) After that, I have a writing workshop late Feb to do. In the meantime, I hope to finish editing a secret(ish) project that might release faster than First War. Depends on what happens. We’ll see. No covers yet. The project is… unique. 🙂

4) System Apocalypse 9 – Star’s Asunder – is going to be my next project. I start that roughly March 1. I will likely throw up a pre-order for July 1, 2019. That should give me enough time to write & edit the book by then.
Audiobooks – we are in the review process from ACX for book 7! Yes, Stars Awoken is going to be released in the next month.

Rebel Star is planned for recording in February. I know, like Christmas!
And that’s all folks.