Realised I updated my patrons but not all of you. Time to get a few updates out.


  1. The Forest’s Silence has released. Both audiobook and ebook are now available!
  2. Due to some technical issues, the release of the First Stop will not happen till end November. This is to fix some pronunciation issues (my fault, I didn’t get fixes to them in time); so it’s been delayed. Sorry everyone.
  3. System Apocalypse Book 6 (World’s Unbound) is set to record Sept 23 – 27 by Nick Podehl. It should release end October.

Writing Updates

  1. I am working on Rebel Star, book 8 of the System Apocalypse. I’m roughly 67k words in, with about 4-8 chapters left. So, I should be done with the first draft by the end of the month at the latest.

    I’ll set it aside for a bit, edit it afterwards and get it to my editor by mid-October. So, release date of probably December 1.
  2. Next book would be Hidden Wishes, book 3 – the Jinn’s Wish. That’ll be done by around October/November and sent off for editing in December for release probably February next year.
  3. After that, I’m scheduled to do book 3 of A Thousand Li. That should be written November – January of next year.
  4. The anthology is 90% done. I just need to finish reading through 2 (edited) stories to make sure they work in the System, get them copy edited (professionally) and then proofread and put together. If we’re lucky, I might be able to release it in January or earlier. I’ll try to speed up my own timing on this. I get back to work fully-time on Monday.

2020 Plans

  1. I am currently scheduled to do a craft / anthology workshop in early February. For the workshop, I need to write 6 short stories between November to January, so above schedules might get messed around with. The good news is that if those short stories don’t sell, I’ll be able to release them myself.
  2. There are about 5 other events that I am planning to do, most of them business related. I still have to make sure I can do all that without conflicts since conventions/etc seem to all happen at the same time.
  3. Lastly, my current plan is to write and release 4 books next year. While I might release more, I’m only going to guarantee 4 books. This will allow me to go and do more craft workshops / business workshops and pursue a few other ideas.

And that’s all folks. Some of the other projects will be talked about in the Patreon because they’re very nebulous.